Do you find it hard to find good quality, affordable makeup to match your skin tone and personal style?  

Everyone knows makeup is much more than just an effective way to enhance features and hide imperfections. It gives us confidence and allows us to express ourselves in a unique and creative way. It provides the added boost we need to face the world!

Yet, few makeup brands cater to all skin types and shades. This makes finding the correct makeup very difficult. 

We understand that all women are different and it is these differences that make us unique and wonderful. Irrespective of color, background, gender or preferences we all deserve to feel beautiful and celebrated!

To that end, I created e-commerce company Naothebeauty in 2020. 

As an Haitian American I struggled to find the right shade of makeup for my skin tone. I spent hours blending different shades and eventually found the perfect match, through trial and error. It was time-consuming and frustrating!

Knowing that other women faced similar struggles, I combined my passion for makeup and experience and Naothebeauty was born! 

Our brand is inclusive. We create makeup for women of all ages and skin types. Whatever you need, you can find it here!

If you are looking for luxurious makeup products at affordable prices, this is the brand for you; we make sure our prices are accessible to all!

Our wide range of products includes eye shadow palettes in a variety of colors for all tastes and foundations and concealers to suit every skin type and tone. We also offer premium lip products, setting powders and sprays.

Naothebeauty is welcoming and inclusive. It is a celebration of our differences and uniqueness. Join our fast-growing family, you won’t be disappointed!

Our mission is to provide all women with the makeup they deserve and the chance to feel included and beautiful!